Gig Calendar

Upcoming shows
The Landing01/18/20El Cajon, CA9:00pmMap
Mr. Peabody's02/01/20Encinitas, CA8:30pmMap
Spring Valley Inn Cocktail Lounge02/15/20Spring Valley, CA8:00pmMap
Poway's Irish Pub02/28/20Poway, CA9:00pmMap
The Landing03/14/20El Cajon, CA9:00pmMap
Fast Times03/27/20San Diego, CA7:00pmMap
Wong's Golden Palace03/28/20La Mesa, CA9:00pmMap
Poway's Irish Pub04/25/20Poway, CA9:00pmMap
Off Base Bar & Grill05/09/20San Diego, California9:00pmMap
Past show archive
Cheers Bar & Grill01/04/20San Diego, CA9:30pmMap
The Library01/03/20San Diego, California9:00pmMap
Poway's Irish Pub12/20/19Poway, CA9:00pmMap
Fast Times12/07/19San Diego, CA7:00pmMap
Poway's Irish Pub10/11/19Poway, CA9:00pmMap
Cheers Bar & Grill09/14/19San Diego, CA9:30pmMap
Fast Times08/17/19San Diego, CA7:00pmMap
Poway's Irish Pub08/03/19Poway, CA9:00pmMap
Wong's Golden Palace07/06/19La Mesa, CA9:00pmMap
Poway's Irish Pub06/08/19Poway, CA9:00pmMap
Del Mar Fair06/05/19Del Mar, CA2:30pmMap
Pal Joey's05/25/19San Diego, CA9:00pmMap
Spring Valley Inn Cocktail Lounge04/27/19Spring Valley, CA8:30pmMap
Spring Valley Inn Cocktail Lounge03/29/19Spring Valley, CA8:00pmMap
The Landing03/15/19El Cajon, CA9:00pmMap
Poway's Irish Pub03/01/19Poway, CA9:00pmMap
Fast Times02/16/19San Diego, CA7:00pmMap
Cheers Bar & Grill01/05/19San Diego, CA9:00pmMap
Beaumont's11/10/18La Jolla, CA9:00pmMap
Mainstream Bar & Grill10/26/18Poway, CA8:00pmMap
Fast Times10/13/18San Diego, CA8:00pmMap
Full Circle Saloon09/28/18Santee, CA8:00pmMap
The Landing09/15/18El Cajon, CA8:30pmMap
Beaumont's09/01/18La Jolla, CA9:00pmMap
Wong's Golden Palace08/18/18La Mesa, CA9:00pmMap
San Diego Mission Bay Boat & Ski Club08/17/18San Diego, CA7:30pmMap
Cheers Bar & Grill08/04/18San Diego, CA9:00pmMap
Private Party07/17/18San Diego, CA6:00pmMap
Scripps Ranch Old Pros 10k Run07/04/18San Diego, CA9:00amMap
Mainstream Bar & Grill06/22/18Poway, CA8:00pmMap
Del Mar Fair06/13/18Del Mar, CA3:30pmMap
Beaumont's06/09/18La Jolla, CA9:00pmMap
Del Mar Fair06/06/18Del Mar, CA3:00pmMap
Mainstream Bar & Grill05/25/18Poway, CA8:00pmMap
Poway's Irish Pub04/28/18Poway, CA9:00pmMap
Spring Valley Inn Cocktail Lounge04/14/18Spring Valley, CA3:00pmMap
Mainstream Bar & Grill04/13/18Poway, CA7:00pmMap
Spring Valley Inn Cocktail Lounge03/30/18Spring Valley, CA8:00pmMap
Fast Times03/17/18San Diego, CA7:00pmMap
Mainstream Bar & Grill03/03/18Poway, CA8:00pmMap
Pal Joey's02/17/18San Diego, CA9:00pmMap
Mainstream Bar & Grill02/16/18Poway, CA8:00pmMap
Cheers Bar & Grill02/03/18San Diego, CA9:20pmMap
Private Party01/27/18San Diego, CA7:30pmMap
Fast Times01/20/18San Diego, CA7:00pmMap
Mainstream Bar & Grill01/06/18Poway, CA8:00pmMap
Spring Valley Inn Cocktail Lounge12/09/17Spring Valley, CA8:30pmMap
Mainstream Bar & Grill12/08/17Poway, CA8:00pmMap
Mainstream Bar & Grill11/10/17Poway, CA8:00pmMap
Private Party10/28/17San Diego, CA8:00pmMap
Mainstream Bar & Grill10/14/17Poway, CA8:00pmMap
Navajo Live10/13/17San Diego, CA8:00pmMap
Fast Times09/30/17San Diego, CA8:00pmMap
Spring Valley Inn Cocktail Lounge09/29/17Spring Valley, CA9:00pmMap
The Landing09/16/17El Cajon, CA8:30pmMap
San Diego Mission Bay Boat & Ski Club09/03/17San Diego, CA2:00pmMap
Mainstream Bar & Grill09/01/17Poway, CA8:00pmMap
Cheers Bar & Grill08/19/17San Diego, CA9:20pmMap
Private Party08/05/17San Diego, CA6:00pmMap
Pal Joey's07/21/17San Diego, CA8:00pmMap
Corporate Party07/20/17San Diego, CA6:00pmMap
Poway's Irish Pub07/08/17Poway, CA9:00pmMap
Del Mar Fair06/21/17Del Mar, CA3:30pmMap
Del Mar Fair06/07/17Del Mar, CA8:30pmMap
Cheers Bar & Grill05/06/17San Diego, CA9:00pmMap
Kaminski's BBQ and Sports Lounge04/29/17Poway, CA8:30pmMap
Shooters Cocktails04/15/17Spring Valley, CA9:20pmMap
The Landing03/17/17El Cajon, CA8:30pmMap
Shooters Cocktails02/18/17Spring Valley, CA9:00pmMap
Corporate Party01/16/17San Diego, CA8:00pmMap
Pal Joey's01/07/17San Diego, CA9:00pmMap
Cheers Bar & Grill12/10/16San Diego, CA9:20pmMap
Spring Valley Inn Cocktail Lounge12/03/16Spring Valley, CA8:00pmMap
The Rook Bar11/11/16La Mesa, CA8:00pmMap
The Landing10/22/16El Cajon, CA9:00pmMap
Private Party08/13/16San Diego, CA7:30pmMap