The Band

Emlyn Cruz - Lead Vocals, Percussion

Emlyn (Emmy) Cruz (Vocalist/percussion) is originally from Chicago and started playing with Chicken Wire last year, she brings her own unique style to the group and has previously played with Wild Rumour and C.K’s Solutions, based out of Los Angeles, CA.

Chris Gross - Lead Vocals, Saxophone, Keys

Chris is originally from Palm Desert, California. He moved to San Diego for his education at UCSD, where he majored in music, and minored in math. He decided to stay and integrate himself into the San Diego music scene. Chris now plays saxophone around town for musicals, cabarets, weddings and other venues. Chris also sings for acapella groups, churches and of course as one of the lead singers of Chicken Wire! Chris is married to a musician as well, Erin Vanderhyde Gross. They recently added to their family with the addition of their kiddo named August.

Darren Mitchell - Drums, Percussion

“No changes are permanent, but change is.”
― Neil Peart

I grew up with music as a constant in my life, the best and worst parts of my life are always in my memories with certain songs. I always admired and gravitated towards drummers in bands especially greats like Neal Peart & John Bonham. I didn’t start playing the drums until I was in my early twenties but soon discovered the joys of making music and entertaining people with the thing that I love.

I gave up the drums in my mid-twenties relocated to CA and started a family. After several years once I had the means and a place of my own, I started playing again and soon rediscovered my love for the instrument. I work to be a better player every day and playing alongside my bandmates in Chicken Wire makes it more like fun than work. I am blessed to be in such a great band with wonderful music loving people. What gives me the most joy is playing in front of people and seeing the smiles and them dancing to our music.

 Truly the best drug on the planet.

Mike Reyes – Guitar, Vocals

I grew up in Yucca Valley, near Joshua Tree National Park, and started playing music in middle school band… I haven’t stopped since.  I got my degree in Music from SDSU in Jazz performance and Music Education, and I’ve performed in many different types of groups; from Gregorian chant and renaissance choirs, to jazz and contemporary rock bands.  I love it all, but nothing takes me back quite like Rock N Roll, which is why I love playing with Chicken Wire.  Getting out there and playing a wide variety of styles of music from the past 50-60 years and watching the crowd dance and enjoy us, is just amazing!  I’m always ready for the next show and I hope you will join us out there and have a great time! 

Lane Spencer – Bass, Vocals

Born and raised in Mississippi, I came to San Diego by way of the U.S. Navy. Like Charlie Brown, I fell in love with a little red headed girl and decided to stick around. I’ve been playing bass since high school. I love the way the bass unites all the instruments in the band. I’ve played different styles—rock, bluegrass, jazz, country, classical, and worship music. I am thrilled to be in Chicken Wire—they’re amazing musicians, they choose the coolest songs to play, and they are genuinely good people. Live music brings people together like nothing else. I can’t wait for the next gig and I hope you are there, ready for a good time!

Curtis Yarborough – Guitar, Vocals

Family and music are my life! As a founding member of Chicken Wire, it’s my baby. Chicken Wire is family. I am influenced by the classic rock and pop I grew up on. McCartney is my musical idol. I started my musical journey in 3rd grade, playing trumpet. Along the way I have also played baritone, and drums. My true love is guitar. I love to play live, and really cherish our audiences.