San Diego Mission Bay Boat & Ski Club – 09/03/17 – San Diego, CA

Summer's End with Chicken Wire @ the Boat Club
Sunday, September 3, 2017
2:00pm - All Ages
2606 N Mission Bay Drive
San Diego, CA, San Diego 92109
Other Info
Ancient druids celebrated equinoxes with virgin sacrifice. Chicken Wire celebrates by sacrificing the highest quality hops and grains while distributing the best rock covers you'll hear in all of San Diego. We've got the widest and most creative selection of tunes with none of the songs you've grown tired of hearing every time you go out (Sweet Home Alabama, we're looking at you!)

It is a mighty task, but we feel up to the challenge! And the SD Mission Bay Boat Club is a fun venue: rockin' the outdoors is always a good time, plus a full kitchen serving great food. Throw in a stocked bar with friendly barkeeps and you've got a winner, yessirree.

Come out, meet some friends, make some new ones, enjoy the outdoors, have a frosty beverage or 3, and enjoy the musical memories! See you there!

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